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I Love Love Loved Dakota Fanning!

Down to Earth

Now this was a fun one: I’ve always admired the work of actress Dakota Fanning, but I didn’t know much about what she was like in real life. But when I sat down with her at the Sunset Tower Hotel in L.A. a few weeks ago for a cover interview for Glamour magazine’s March 2013 issue, I got to find out.

And, damn, if she isn’t more awesome than I could have imagined. Like, love her. And so will you.

She’s completely down-to-earth, funny, open, goofy, curious, shy, interesting, hip and smart. Very. You can read a few bits of my chat with Dakota Fanning here. But otherwise, grab the issue on shelves before you miss it!

Check out her upcoming 2013 films, Very Good Girls, Effie and Night Moves. And after that, there will obviously be more to come from this talented college student in the future!