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A Fun Sit-Down With Jillian Michaels


Never mind that she’s my favorite fitness trainer—if I’m every doing a workout DVD at home, it is hers. And they work. And they hurt like hell. And I love her for it.

But Jillian Michaels is also one of my favorite interviews—and this was the fourth or fifth time I’ve gotten to chat with her for a magazine. This time we talked for the cover of Health magazine’s March 2013 issue, in her dressing room on The Biggest Loser ranch (if you’re a fan of the show, like me, how cool is that?!). She talked about how to stay slim for good, in honor of her upcoming new book, Slim for Life. (I’ve already had the chance to read an early printing of it, and I devoured it. So check it out!)

She’s a total hoot. She calls everyone “Bud,” curses like a sailor, and even dragged in Bob Harper from his dressing room to explain something to me in person. And most important, she was full of intelligent tips and fun health ideas—she’s like a fitness and nutrition savant, this one. Also fun? I was featured as a contributor in this month’s issue of Health.

Here’s my bit a little closer-up so you can read it:

Love Health. Love Jillian. Life is good.