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Love…for less than 30 bucks!

Valentine’s Day is just two days away. And unfortunately this year, money is an object (one that can, you know, buy other objects you need more, like your car lease and mortgage payment).

But today, I’m working with Axe to assure you that you can still indulge your Valentine without breaking the bank. And you can do it guilt-free, thanks to the global survey of women we did that unearthed two reassuring facts:

First, nearly 50% of women said they’re not expecting as much this year as last. And second, 62% of women said they’re expecting a guy to spend 30 dollars or less on their gift! And…exhale. The fact is, getting an edge in the mating game isn’t about money, it’s about the presentation. One beautiful, bursting peony flower can mean more than a dozen red roses. The more unique and personal it is now, the more memorable it will be for a long time to come.

Here’s one fun, free treat you can find—along with some of my specific tips—on the Axe Facebook page to get you started:

Chocolatize your date!

How hilarious is that? (Yes, that’s me. And looking at myself is making me hungry…) Better yet, personalize a delicious photo of the pair of you. I wish you tons of Valentine chocolate fun.