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Katy Perry: Her “Christmas Eve Jitters”

There’s a new theme going on in my star interviews: Sometimes, they get engaged right after I interview them. It happened with actress Maria Bello when I interviewed her for a Page Six magazine cover last year, and this past month, right after I interviewed singer Katy Perry for the cover of Glamour magazine, she traveled to India and got engaged to her boyfriend Russell Brand. I mean, I’m not claiming to have any super-ring-powers, but if there’s such thing as a good love charm, I’ll take it!

Katy had some pretty cute things to say about how seeing Russell gives her the “Christmas Eve jitters,” and I also posted a great quote about how she considers Russell her other half—like a half-orange—which you can see here on The Dating Optimist.

You can find the Katy Perry Glamour interview here, or by clicking on the first page of the story below, or if you—gasp—buy the magazine. 🙂

It really is worth reading. I gained super-respect for the 25-year-old—she’s a wise soul in an ingenue’s body. Read the article to find out more.