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All About Scent and Attraction…

Today marks the beginning of a new project I’m working on with and Axe deodorant body spray. They’ve launched a new Scent & Attraction channel on the men’s advice site, full of all sorts of scentsible tips by yours truly. I’m on the channel’s expert panel, and hereby at your advice service!

The Scent & Attraction Homepage

But the very best item on today’s launch page? Why, my piece of course.

It’s called Sub-$30 Date Ideas, which covers about a dozen ways to create a great date with very little dough. And if you keep it under $10, you can just give your date twenty bucks to sniff with delight! (Surely that will cement a second date.)

In any case, go check it out. Sure, why not right now? Seriously, I’ll be here when you’re done. And going forward, I’ll be a regular contributor to the Axe channel on AskMen, so be sure to check out my (life-altering, love-transcending, remarkably wise and inspiring!) stories every now and then.