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Yep, I Like Their (Mad, Fun, Unique) Look!

Loving yourself

For the January 2013 issue of Glamour magazine, I worked on a fun piece about models who have such a distinct look, they had to learn to grow into them: like this stunning redhead, Chantal, who used to hate her hair and freckles:

I also spoke with the laid back Harmony Boucher who decided to embrace her tomboy look; and a fabulous British DJ named Felicity Hayward, also a plus-sized m0del who’s developed a cool style and a rad attitude. Check out Felicity’s Facebook page to get a feel for her style, which includes, as she told me, “Anything leopard print. And I have a weakness for big tacky earrings.”

Check it out! Maybe you’ll be as inspired by these cool women as I was.