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Try Some Marriage Prep!

I’m excited about this latest news: two contributions in this new book:

I was asked to submit some material to a new book that’s just been published called All-in-One Marriage Prep: 75 Experts Share Tips & Wisdom to Help You Get Ready Now. The book, which is published by Barringer Publishing, features two of my contributions toward preparing for marriage:”The Buffalo Wing Principle” and “Prepare for ‘Mile 18’ in Your Future Marriage.”

If you’re prepping for marriage—or think you someday will—you can find out more about the book on the website for All-In-One Marriage Prep, created by the book’s creator, relationship and marriage coach Susanne M. Alexander. My book, Meeting Your Half-Orange, as well as the websites and my new iPhone App are all cited in the book. You can purchase it here as well.

I’m super proud of my contributions and honored to be featured alongside such incredible experts in the field. The book was first presented at this year’s SmartMarriages® Conference this week, so I’m thrilled to be a part of helping young couples form and sustain healthy relationships.

Everyone has a half-orange out there—and if you want it, he or she can be part of the marriage of your dreams. This book can help.