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Sit Back, Relax, and Listen

If you’re single and want a pep talk about your awesome dating self, have I got the solution for you!

Thanks to the wonderful Kira Sabin (the “Dating Makeover Coach”) and Melanie Gorman of, I was able to participate in a terrific telechat call about how to use MEETING YOUR HALF-ORANGE to change your dating life forever.

We had a blast on the call, and I answered some questions from live listeners. And all in all, I think it’s a bang-on way to get started on the path of dating optimism!

The good news? You can listen to the FREE call now, and learn for yourself how to focus with total conviction on the love you want in your life, and become so authentically happy in your own skin, that you will naturally attract the right partner for you.

Click the image above to listen!

Click the image above to listen!

I hope you enjoy the call as much as I did.