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Jen Widerstrom Gets Us Going in 2015


There’s nothing like some good fitness advice to get us all started fresh for the new year. Which is why I was so personally excited to be able to meet up with Jen Widerstrom, one of the two newest trainers on The Biggest Loser, to pick her brain.

For all of our benefit, I wanted to get more of her inspiring health secretes firsthand. And after a chilled out sit-down in North Hollywood on a warm afternoon, here’s the result: a fun collection of some of Jen’s best advice.

Check out the January/February 2015 issue of Health magazine for all the goodies, including: The best and worst things we can do for ourselves in our health. The best way to bounce back after overeating. The one fitness move you can survive and thrive on. Or read it online here at Jen Widerstrom’s Shape-Up Secrets.