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How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

As a dating and relationship expert, I’ve always been so intrigued by Valentine’s Day. When I was single, I dreaded it. And it took me years to figure out how to enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day without wanting to kick slush in the face of all those happy couples.

If you’re single and you want to know how to have a fab, fun Valentine’s Day solo? Here are my four big ways on How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day on my dating blog,

If you’re already in a couple, check out my brand new story on’s Happen Magazine called How to Have a Long-Distance Valentine’s Day, featuring 10 Ways to help long-distance daters share the love. Even if you live in the same house, you can still try some of these tricks or techniques for showing some love when you’re not just a few feet apart.

So whether you have love or want it, I have you covered for this year’s February 14. And if you want more positive pushes in love, check out my book Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match. Hope it helps!