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How to Find Happiness by Lea Michele

For the April 2014 issue of Seventeen magazine, I got to sit down with the profoundly awesome Lea Michele after her cover photo shoot.


I interviewed her once long ago over the phone for Glamour‘s Women of the Year. But it was even more evident within the first five minutes in person that she’s one of the good ones: down to earth, funny, wise and gracious about offering her experience and insight to girls who want to live their awesomely best lives, too. We talked about the March 4 debut of her debut album Louder, the next season of Glee, her upcoming book Brunette Ambition (out in May), and her hopes for a happy future. Her bright attitude and her optimism are the real deal, truly.

If the issue isn’t still on stands, check out the link at Seventeen magazine (“Lea Michele’s Secrets to Finding Happiness After Heartbreak”) to see some of the fabulous photos and a few of her best quotes, and read the rest of her story here (click for a larger, readable version):