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It’s officially here!

As of today, my new book The Happy Life Checklist: 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss is now on bookshelves and available at your favorite online book retailers. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, run-don’t-walk to get one! Actually, scratch that. Walk to get one.

Walking is better. Walking gives you a nice chance to take some deep breaths, look up and around at the open sky and take a minute to smile and say hello to anyone walking past. Walking gives you a chance to savor the small moments, step by step, that add up to a lovely day. Because that by the way, is the whole point of my new book.

The Happy Life Checklist


The Happy Life Checklist is a collection of small ideas that will help you savor and celebrate every day. Because happiness is in the second and minutes of life, not just in the years. Start filling your list with more fun things today!

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