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Two Big Cheers for Health

This month, the September 2010 issue of Health magazine is a new redesign and a thick juicy issue full of great stuff. I’m proud to say that two of my stories hit the issue this month.

First is my sort of “Call me crazy that I don’t like to vacuum naked” essay on what makes some people “naked types” versus people like me, who sometimes sleeps in flannel pajamas with a wool hat and socks when it’s cold out. I can’t show you the whole story as it’s not up online yet, but if you want to read the whole piece (you should!) perhaps this “Let me Google that for you” search will pull it up.

Also in the issue, my cover interview with Molly Sims, the model, actress and now jewelry designer. We had a very chill chat at the L.A. SoHo House, which I know believe can claim the best view of Los Angeles. Guess I need to start sidling up to some other members so I can roll in there more often. Here’s the first spread of the piece, which you can read on that link above to the magazine’s web site.

Hope you enjoy both stories as much as I loved writing them!