The Happy Life Checklist

The Happy Life Checklist 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss(Perigee, 2014)

Ready. Set. Happy. Want a burst of happiness? Looking for fresh inspiration? This fun list is spilling over with simple things anyone can do to capture the delicious little moments of life and feel better fast.


Want to learn how to update your daily to-do list with the small happy moments that really matter? Watch now.


“Why, when we are children, do we experience longer summers, lasting holidays, and intense euphoria for what now seems like routine? Those answers, and many more, are available to us in Amy Spencer’s terrific new book, The Happy Life Checklist. Read it, and you will regain an appreciation for what it means to seize the moment.”
—David Mezzapelle, bestselling author of Contagious Optimism

“Really good read. Just say no to the winter blues with Amy Spencer's can-do guide. She outlines hundreds of simple, no-cost bliss boosters that will turn your frown upside down in five minutes or less.”
—Fitness magazine